Success Stories

The modernity of the employed technologies allowed us to enter into partnership with some selected companies and to launch some projects in co-design for the production of complex parts or special projects, characterised by a high technological and project content.

We designed and produced on a sub-contract basis for international companies such as Bova, Iveco, Daimler, Renault, Volvo, Scania, Setra, VanHool, and many others.

We summarize here below the most important projects.

  • Mercedes-Benz: dashboard Actros truck.
    This project involved 20 people of RUSPA staff with 70 travels in Germany and has been developed in co-design through modem within CATIA 4/5 environment. The goodness of the project and of the co-operation with the customer's specialists allowed to achieve an excellent quality of production.
    The results led to the certification Mercedes-Benz level A, award given to the best suppliers of Daimler Group.
  • Renault: centre console Midlum truck.
    The project has led to a great innovation in the field of the manufacturing process implementing new assembly systems allowing a quick adaptation and flexibility to the requirements of the customers. It has been set also a strong versatility of the object.
  • Irisbus-Gibicar: Seat Idea.
    RUSPA has developed in co-operation with the known company at Suzzara, an innovative system of insert moulding tecnopolymer-metal tubes ensuring a high robustness of the seat together with a nonetheless quality of a considerable impact.
  • Petra Martigny: Seat Petra.
    In this case RUSPA has co-operated with the Swiss financial company in the project of urban seat for short routes trains and bus. RUSPA became the technical partner for the whole project.
  • EvoBus: Wheel cover BR 300.
    EvoBus developed in co-operation with RUSPA a project of a wheel cover provided with a quick coupling and magnet key having a great aesthetic effect. Moulded on presses 1.200 tons, it is very light and makes easier the coating operation in the same colour of the vehicle.
    For the same bus has been developed an identification sign made with innovative technologies.
  • EvoBus: integrated ashtray for bus.
    The most important features of this product are the complete absence of flat surfaces, an ingenious antitheft device and a special variable fastening system allowing the mounting on tissues having different thicknesses.
  • Mercedes-Benz: Wheel cover O 404.
    Innovative wheel cover with double technology stainless-plastic, provided with a patented fastening system.
  • Porsche: footrest for driver and passenger for Carrera GT.
    The most innovative novelty of this product consists in the co-injection of plastic and aluminium even maintaining thicknesses lower than 3 mm.

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